After Bioethics

Hall of Flags in Houston Hall April 10, 2015 10:00 am - 11:15 am

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Zach Blas
Sarah Kember

Sarah Kember, “Recoding Smart”

This talk will examine the prospects for life after life after new media by taking a queer feminist, creative yet old-school critical approach to the potent fallacies of “smart”. Through algorithmic ambiguities and suspect stories I will attempt to mime some biopolitical potential from the im/potencies of smart living. ​

Zach Blas, “Information Opacity”

This talk will broadly theorize refusals to visually and computationally cohere to digital surveillance and capture technologies as “informatic opacity,” which I define as an aesthetico-political practice of anti-normativity at a global, technical scale whose goal is maintaining the autonomous and collective determination of alterity and difference. I will engage informatic opacity through a discussion of Facial Weaponization Suite and Face Cages, two artworks I have created that focus on biometrics and masked protest.

Moderated by Lance Wahlert